Best Marketing Campaigns from the food sector

A marketing campaign decides the future of your business. If a marketing campaign is good it can lead your business to success and if it does not go well or you do not choose a good Digital Marketing Agency Dubai then your campaign can do nothing but last without showing efficient results. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best campaigns of brands around the world. So that you may get to know about their marketing strategy and style.


Burger kind “Moldy Whooper” campaign

The best way to gain the trust of your clients is by showing transparency with your clients. especially when they start to lose their trust in you. The same thing happened to Burger King and burger king tackle it with Social Media Management and great marketing strategy and earned the trust of their clients. They have started a transparency campaign names “Moldy Whooper” in which they showed transparency to their clients. They showed their burger ingredients to their clients on their packaging so that they can prove to them that their burgers are made of original goods. They regained the trust of their clients by showing them that there are no food colors and preservatives in their burgers.


Frontline Healthcare Workers ad

Frontline health care workers work hard but are never appreciated. Especially in the previous year when Covid-19 struck, their workload increased a lot. So in order to honor them Intermanche, a french supermarket made a little ad and advertised it with Google Ads management and on local channels. In the ad, a mother and a son took their father to the hospital. The father had suffered from a severe stroke. But nurses and doctors work hard to save the father’s life. And when the father is completely out of danger the mother cooked delicious food dishes for the nurses and doctors for on-time response and complete service.

The sole purpose of this campaign was to appreciate the efforts of frontline healthcare workers. Because they work day and night even in holidays to save the lives of other people beloved.


Coor Seltzer Water-saving campaign

Many brands after earning complete publicity they start to solve social problems. And according to a survey, almost 90 percent of brand followers want brands to solve social issues. Coor Seltzer is an American brand that started a campaign of saving the American waterways. According to it, Coor Seltzer saves 500 gallons of river water when it sells a case of Coor Seltzer. They also have delivered 1 million dollars irrespective of the sales. This means that they have saved 1 billion gallons of water already.


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